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Infants develop

new skills

every day!

Infant and young toddler care offer an opportunity for our staff to share in a special relationship.

Our staff build individualized, close, nurturing relationships with our infants/young toddlers in support of their physical, cognitive, social and emotional well being.

As language development is crucial for infants, we provide infants with opportunities to acquire language by engaging them in reading, singing, rhyming, conversations and encouraging them to bubble and make repetitive sounds. Repetition of movement and activities are also crucial for infant and toddlers’ brain development. Our infant/toddler program allows each child to be on their schedule as they explore and learn about their world through their senses and emerging motor skills. They follow their individualized eating, sleeping, and playing routine.  Each baby has a crib and storage area. Designated spaces are available for feeding, soothing, and playing one-on-one with the caregiver. 
Baby looking at toys


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