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Our school-age program is designed to supplement the learning at school and allow children to relax and unwind.

We also support students’ online learning and homework.

We recognize the unique needs of our school-age children after a rigorous school program. Our focus for school-agers are:

  1. Cognitive: We provide homework support. In addition, children are encouraged to read and engage in activities of interest such as creative writing, drawing, music, etc. 
  2. Emotional: We understand that the demands of school can be stressful for children, and we provide a nurturing atmosphere where children can vent their frustration or needs to adults and peers. As we grow, we plan to have a quiet room where children can relax, sleep, or listen to soothing music after school. 
  3. Social: We encourage the children to be leaders and provide them with opportunities to have input in the day’s activities. They are encouraged to help each other learn. Christian Child Cares provides school-agers opportunities to engage in play activities that stimulate learning and creativity. 
  4. Community Involvement: As much as possible, we’ll provide children with the opportunity to be creative and decide how they can contribute to the wellbeing of the society around them.  
  5. Physical: Children have time to run, throw, jump and engage in outside physical activities. 

A few of our School agers Activities:

Computer programming

Book publishing

Playwriting and acting

Dance choreography & dance performance



Video production


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