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Open Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 8 pm; Saturday 7 a.m – 7 pm

Drop-in Available



Individualized and group activities are suitable for their unique stage of development.

Children who are fully potty trained between the ages of 3 and 5 participate in age-appropriate activities planned using specific thematic topics to enhance their learning experience. Each week’s topics and activities are rotated to keep children’s interest. Classrooms are arranged into learning centers, which allow children the freedom to play and develop skills. 

Opportunities are available for: 

  •  Art and creative expression 
  •  Science and discovery 
  •  Sand and water play 
  •  Creative writing 
  •  Language and reading development 
  •  Block and transportation play 
  •  Imaginative and dramatic play 
  •  Music and movement 
  •  Small motor development 
  •  Large motor skills 
  •  Computers 
  •  Food experiences 
  •  Math, problem-solving and number concepts 
  •  Social awareness 
  •  Health and safety 
  •  Self-help routines 


The daily schedule is carefully planned to balance self-directed and adult-guided activities. During “free play”, children have the freedom to choose activities and playmates. Being independent and responsible helps preschoolers to become independent and accountable. Giving preschoolers a balance of options and adult-led activities allows them to discover their interests and define themselves. 

Each child is offered large and small group experiences, one-on-one interactions, and time to play alone if they choose.


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