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Our Staff

Janet Wentum - Director

Janet Wentum admires success and has a passion for helping others succeed.

She has over 30 years of experience working with children both as an educator and as a mental health therapist. She established Christian Child Cares to expand quality child care to underserved families that work nontraditional hours.

Her passions in life are: loving God, helping others, learning and finally
being an entrepreneur.
She created Christian Child Cares as a place where children and adults experience love, laughter and life.

Janet holds an associate degree in teaching and a master’s degree in
community counseling. She has over 30 years experience working with
children and their families in various settings such as child care centers,
Headstart, summer camps, the child’s home, elementary and secondary
school settings.


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Kirsten Gillem - Kirsten Gillem

My name is Kirsten Gillem, I am a Junior Music Therapy
Student at Marywood University. I play piano, flute, guitar, and
I sing as well. I also work as a Piano Teacher at Scranton Music
Academy where I teach piano lessons to children, as well as
children with special needs. I have experience as a babysitter,
and the summer of 2019 I even traveled to Africa where I
brought music to a rehabilitation center for special needs and
two schools. I am very excited to share my passion with your
children, and to bring music to the daycare!

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