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Repetition of movement and activities is essential for toddlers’ brain development.

Although it is essential for toddlers to acquire new information/knowledge, repetition strengthens the neural pathways that toddlers are developing. 

Teacher assisting student in manipulative play

Problem-solving experiences for toddlers involve 

  • manipulating
  • experimenting
  • figuring out how parts relate to the whole
  • discovering one–to–one correspondence
  • cause and effect and creativity. 

We offer opportunities for toddlers to explore

  • putting things together and taking them apart, 
  • building and constructing
  • sorting and matching 
  • moving things about

Toddlers have opportunities to

  • play with peers
  • sing
  • dance
  • read
  • As well as participate in other child care activities like arts and crafts, fine and gross motor skills.


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